What is Kiphot?

Kiphot is an insulated cushion carefully designed to save you time and money while cooking many dishes. You simply bring your pot of rice, stew, curry or soup to the boil, close the lid of the pot tightly, switch off the stove, and put a Kiphot on top of the pot lid. Press it down to make sure that it is in contact with the lid all round, and relax. The pot of food will keep on cooking, and when you check it after about 40 minutes (or longer) your food should be perfectly cooked. But never over-cooked!

  • No more standing over a hot stove, stirring the pot

  • No more worrying that food will burn or stick to the bottom of the pot

With it you get a range of recipes drawn up by experienced chefs, and useful tips on saving water and electricity.

Kiphot has been mentioned in the David Biggs Column click here to read

These tips, and using Kiphot regularly for cooking will not only save you money, they will help save the planet!

Kiphots are made of an inner consisting of a secret mixture, and a washable outer made of shweshwe. The stitching is done at the Oude Molen Eco Village. This is a product conceived by me, and tested by two executive chefs who compiled recipes, as did my daughter-in-law who is the director of Bulungula Incubator in the Eastern Cape. She is responsible for most of the recipes used at Bulungula Lodge http://www.bulungula.com/ which was founded by my son, David.

As a test I gave my domestic worker two Kiphots to try for herself, and to market to her friends. She has had a great response, because it is ideal for cooking stews and such dishes as samp and beans.

"I think it is a great product and a great idea - I was a little sceptical at first but rather surprised at how well the Kiphot manages to insulate the pot and keep heat in the pot." - Stèfan Marais, Executive Chef, Societi Bistro & The Brasserie

"Items tend to carry on cooking at an impressive rate once one switches the stove off." - Stèfan Marais

“I continue to be very very satisfied with Kiphot; I use it every day, and could do with another one in good time.” - X Lynne

“Kiphot is working for me. Soup was amazing! Thanks Perry it's a winner!” - Sheryl

So, if you would like to buy or stock this product please contact Perry Martin on info@kiphot.co.za or 082 760 9510.